Important Notice (Countermeasures Against the Spread of COVID-19)

Sekiya Resort, which operates Terrace Midobaru, Villa Haruki, and Sekiya Ryokan in Beppu, proposes a new type of stay that will refresh the body and mind and alleviate the stress caused by self-restraint while following the COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

Relax in a vast, open space

Sekiya Resort’s accommodations are characterized by spacious, generous designs, and open construction. Galleria Midobaru has a total of 35 rooms. The limited number of rooms on an extensive site makes it easy to avoid densely crowded places. The roomy, luxurious space allows you to thoroughly relax your mind and body.

In addition, Galleria Midobaru is located on a hillside in the suburbs of Beppu, so there is no need to worry about crowds. Surrounded by nature, you can enjoy the cool, clear air to the fullest.

Rest and relaxation with a secure stay

Each room at Galleria Midobaru is equipped with a balcony where you can enjoy the view surrounded by fresh air. Each room also has a private, half-open-air bath and other facilities that allow you to rest and forget about COVID-19. The abundance of open spaces allows you to relax without hesitation.

Meals are served in the restaurant, but tables are spaced at least 2 meters apart or with partitions so you can enjoy your meal at a safe distance from others.

Refresh your mind and body with hot spring water

Hot springs help relieve fatigue and reduce stress, and the natural hot springs offered by Galleria Midobaru are no exception. They are ideal for relieving the body and mind of the stress caused by the recent situation. Enjoy the luxurious hot spring water of Beppu to your heart’s content in the well-ventilated, half-open-air baths provided in the guest rooms.

Sekiya Resort’s thorough measures against COVID-19

Sekiya Resort takes thorough measures to prevent new COVID-19 infections in our facilities so our guests can use our facilities with peace of mind.

In addition to adequate ventilation and daily disinfection, all employees take their temperatures every morning. Staff with a body temperature of 37.5°C or higher are not allowed to come to work. We also ask all guests to take their temperature at check-in. Guests with a body temperature of 37.5°C or higher are not allowed to stay at the hotel.

Please enjoy a relaxing and refreshing visit at Sekiya Resort accommodations, where we take every possible measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • In consideration of the safety of our customers and employees due to COVID-19, we are taking the following measures. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  1. Sekiya Resort has ordered its employees to refrain from leaving the premises unnecessarily.
  2. All employees are required to take their temperature when they arrive at work. Staff with a body temperature of 37.5°C or higher are not allowed to stay at work.
  3. All guests are required to take their temperature upon check-in. Guests with a temperature of 37.5°C or higher at the time of arrival will not be allowed to stay at the hotel. We also ask all guests to take their temperature at home before departure. No cancellation fee will be charged if guests have a fever.
  4. All employees must wear masks at all times.
  5. At this time, all meals are served in private rooms or in your room.
  6. Some large bathing facilities are closed.
  7. All employees are required to ventilate and disinfect the office when they arrive at work in the morning, and disinfect the lobby before breakfast and before check-in time.
  8. All rooms are disinfected before guests check in.
  9. We also sell masks for our guests.


Staff members must:

  • Refrain from entering crowded spaces
  • Take and record their temperature upon arrival at work
  • Check and record customer temperatures at check-in

Facility and Lobby

  • Ventilate and disinfect the office daily
  • Ensure that alcohol products for disinfection are always available in the lobby and that the space is adequately ventilated
  • Disinfect the lobby twice a day

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